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Hey Kirk:

The mount worked great!  As you can see, the projector is mounted right next to the subwoofer, and there is next to no visual vibration!

Thank you very much for the custom mount!  When we have the opportunity again, we will be back for another.

Tony Aiello Operations Manager |

Hello Nigel,
Keith Beard formerly from Sony SI, writing to say hello. I spent several minutes browsing through your new products. As usual, your attention to detail and inclusion of features that provide real benefits really shine through.

Dear Nigel Brent:

I would like to share my experience with using your amazing products to solve a vibration issue with two projectors. I was the project manager on a job at a Coca-Cola bottling facility here in Brampton. The client had two training rooms that they had built onto the existing bottling facility on the second floor using the existing I beams to complete the project. The projectors were mounted off of that existing framework and dropped through the ceiling hanging on pole mounts as we often do. The issue was we couldn’t reach the hard deck above the I beams to mount the projectors because the rooms had already been completed and the distance to that was too far to reach without tearing apart the ceiling and using scissor lifts. The amount of vibration transmitted through the poles made each projector unusable. I did some research and found your company online and ordered the mounts from the supplier here in Toronto. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after completing the installation of both anti-vibration mounts I was truly amazed. The client was truly wowed by the result and couldn’t believe that these projectors were still attached to the I beams. I’d like to thank you for inventing a truly exceptional product that’s easy to install and works!

David Audley
Westbury National Show systems

Dear Nigel,

Recently we had a school district with extreme vibration problems. This is not an uncommon issue in buildings. However, this school utilizes Promethean boards, so being able to touch the right spot on the screen is extremely important. Not to mention the need to calibrate the unit. We attempted to utilize several of the major manufactures Anti-Vibration mounts. We experienced very limited success with them all. I happened upon your MK2 ISOLATION MOUNTS. We decided to give it a try to solve our issues. The schools air handlers oscillate the projectors at a fair rate to up to a half an inch. The district technology utilized an IPAD application to measure vibration of the walls and ceiling.

Unfortunately, the structure above the ceiling was not conducive to a solid metal construction to the trusses. So we decided to try your mount in the harshest environment. A ceiling pan to the ceiling grid is not the way to mount a isolation mount, but we needed to see what the unit would do. Much to our surprise, it eliminated the vibration.

I can’t give your product enough praise. Definitely the best engineered isolation mount on the market. Thank you and congratulations! I have been letting all of my peers know what a fine product you have.
Best Regards,

Kevin Cleary
United Digital Integrators, Inc

Hello Nigel,
I just wanted let you know the reason why Western University is using your vibration mounts.
The campus is located in Pomona, CA and about 200 yards north of the campus there are train tracks, these tracks are used for hauling freight and passengers. When the trains pass by the campus, these trains shakes the building and shakes the projectors and my department would get complaints about the shaking from the student and faculty. I was referred to your website by my vendor and we purchased them. When these vibration mounts were installed, I noticed that the shaking has stopped and the students are very pleased. I am glad that we are using your product and we will be installing more of these mounts in the other classrooms.
Joe K