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Nigel Brent founder of Nigel B Design, Inc.

Born January 1936 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England Educated at Bembridge College England.

After completing college, he entered the world of commerce and started his own company. After a few years, he sold his company, deciding to apply his knowledge and creativity to the film industry.

At the age of 30 commenced work at Elstree Film Studios England, as an Assistant Director producing television shows such as The Avengers, Dept S, Randall and Hopkirk, and Return of the Saint. And produced over 500 TV commercials.

In 1979 at the request of a well-known international film director, he emigrated with his family to the United States as a producer. In 1980 Nigel and Katherine started Production Partners with offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Within two years became the third-largest commercial film company in the US. Production Partners won over thirty international awards producing commercials for American Express, General Foods, General Motors, Budweiser, etc.

In 1987 we created Video Graphic Systems to exploit the video graphics market. In addition to manufacturing rack-mount computers, we also developed a range of software packages that linked the standard computer to the video world. Although reasonably successful, it became apparent by mid-1989 that the market we were pursuing was not maturing fast enough.

As part of our creative work, we turned to designing rack-mount furniture. Specifically made for the video industry which received high praise for its refreshing approach and with much encouragement we. In 1990 we developed the Nigel B. Furniture Line into a product considered to be the best in the marketplace at that time.

In 2003 Nigel B Design, Inc. was creating and making miniature amplifiers, anti-vibration adapters, multi-camera brackets, plenum boxes, and other av accessories.