Company History
When you purchase Nigel B Design products, you are buying my reputation as an Inventive Designer backed by the support of a dedicated team of professionals that guarantees my products will meet your every expectation.

As inventor and original developer in 1986 of the "ticker Tape" Display you see at the bottom of your TV screen, think of us, as it becomes obvious why our unique design concepts have earned the company so many well-known customers over the years. Governments such as the White House, The Pentagon, The Justice Department, Federal Courts, and also the Army, Air Force and Navy.

You will also find our products at Apple Computer, Microsoft, JPL. NASA, The Johnson Space Center, Sun, Oracle, Intel, AMD, Philips, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Mackie, Silicon Graphics, Toshiba, Fujitsu, to name a few of the many manufactures and users who have trusted Nigel B designs over the years.

Customers include Broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC and their affiliates. Many cable companies and satellite broadcasters as Direct TV has been regular buyers. Not forgetting, the Hollywood Studios, Universal, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros and over 200 Radio Stations. Our thanks also for their continuing support to, but not forgetting the many high profile business and industry users such as Stewart Film Screen, AOL, Duracell Batteries, Dolby Laboratories, Blockbuster, Boeing, Coors,
Anheuser-Busch, Bell & Sikorski Helicopters. Many different Police and Sheriff's Departments, State Agencies, Universities, Schools and Colleges with special thanks to the USC School of Business and Case Western University, Frank Gehry designed Business School Building were we did much of the instructor workstations designs. This also includes companies in the Automobile Industry, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, and also individuals from the Video Audio companies that are too many to name.

Now my efforts are focused on Original Concepts that has earned me a reputation as an Innovator, solving many of the problems installers often face in the Commercial AV Market.

I am proud that all our products are made in the USA with Electronic Manufacturing in Salt Lake City, with our Sales and Distribution in Southern California.
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